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Hello, I am Byron Pojol aka Gameness (til the End). My passion for cockfighting started when I was 2-3 years old. At this young age, I love to handle gamecocks tied at my father’s backyard. My first unforgettable cockfight was when I was 4-5 years old. My father has a black henny which was decoupled early in the fight. Broke both two legs it seems. Down on the ground. But he is very feisty and game, pecking and trying to get up. Wings flopping to move and to stay engaged with the opponent, I think, a red cock. The red cock cannot finish him right there on the ground. Then with all his strength he managed to elevate himself in the air with his strong wings. He then landed a deadly blow for some reason with broke two legs and all. Well, it was a come from behind win for us. These game fowls have my respects ever since.

These are the topic categories I will be blogging about.

Breeders and Breeds
Standard of Perfection
Breeding and Selection
Caring and Feeding
Training and Keep
Rules and Weapons
Events and Fights
Liberty and Freedom

I am seeking your help on getting more materials especially from countries other than the United States of America and the Philippines. Point out to me anything you know about cockfighting.

  1. News and Blogs
  2. Knowledge Resources – books, magazine, video, website
  3. Store and Supplier
  4. Cockpit and Operator

Please feel free to leave comments when you have something valuable to contribute to the cockfighting community from all over the world.

– Gameness (til the End)


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