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Blog for Free

Well, here are my recommendations for free web and blog site.

1. wordpress.com

-> Posts for blogs
-> Pages for web pages
-> More appearance theme templates
-> Use one login account for multiple domain blogs
-> Uses OpenID

2. blogger.com

-> Blog posts only
-> Use your Gmail username and password to join or login
-> Fewer appearance theme templates (16 templates currently)
-> One login for each domain blog
-> Follow or be followed feature like twitter.com (or similar to subscribe in YouTube.com)
-> Uses OpenID

Then to increase visibility and traffic of your blog claim or manually ping your blog site.

1. technorati.com

2. pingomatic.com

3. pingoat.com

4. google.com/webmasters

Here are some bonus.

1. Create a fan page at facebook.com for your business or yourself for free

2. Micro-blog at twitter.com for updates up to 140 characters

Lastly, I recommend that you completely fill out your profile and upload a photo to project integrity to your potential readers.

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